Bio Pesticide in India

Jaivik Crop Care LLP is a widespread agro chemical manufacturing company, following the footmarks of our founders, who consider in original potency. With the support of the team members of Jaivik Crop Care LLP, are considered to be the technical-grade biopesticide manufacturers, formulators, prepared with a vigorous distribution network to create solutions that matter. The Farmers are the one who help us to make right decisions, and choose correct products and also work on solutions that suit us.

It is known fact the world is absorbed with the vagueness of weather, insufficiency of resources and misbalance of environment that is increasing very fast day by day.


Bio Pesticide Manufacturer

By means of the increasing pressure to care to save vegetative covers, escalation absorption of CO2 and growing requirements to confirm food safety is difficult task. With an expected increase in the world population, the accessibility of a land is decreased and the desire for food is rising.

Jaivik Crop Care LLP identifies the requirements of the farmers to boost the offered cultivable land. For the multiply gain of the food grains from limited land and water resources, we require to indulgence each input with the extreme care and competence. Considering each piece of land that is cultivated with the multiple possibilities and opportunities, Our company manufactures products that help farmers to right use of each piece of soil and secure each drop of water, to preserve the requirements of the future demand.

Organic Pesticide Manufacturer

We are engaged in manufacturing and exporting each and every products that used in various stages of farming starting from soil ploughing, seed harvesting to post –harvesting. We are striving to carry organic revolution by offering organic products in agricultural segment which could support in enhancing the plant condition, without polluting bionetwork. Our offered organic pesticides manufactured by skilled professionals who utilize premium quality ingredients. We have a cadre of modern and experience staff.

We are one of the foremost brand names in the industry for the manufacturing and supplying of the finest quality array of bio pesticides, bio insecticides and organic products. These bio pesticides can be applied extensively for the crops in large areas and this also promotes their expansion enormously. Finest quality ingredients are used for giving out and the products are manufactured with severe loyalty to high quality standards. Our eco-friendly, non-toxic and easily degradable bio pesticides are most required after by the farmers.

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