Humic Amino Acid Ball

Humic Amino Acid Ball Manufacturer

The amino corrosive natural manure is a plant cause item, in dark and dark brown granular. It is made by cutting edge splashing granulation innovation with the crude materials removed and thought from corn, wheat, soybean and so forth. It can advance the harvests development and yield, as well as reduction occurrence of nuisances and sicknesses commence the dirt fruitfulness and improve the nature of ranch items.

With the due respect of our team members we are flourished in India and abroad with the brand name of Jaivik as a leading manufacturer of Humic Amino Acid Ball. Humic Acid Balls is made accessible in a powder or granular type of lignite humic corrosive, which is condition inviting. It is utilized as an essential segment for in farming and modern items. This is combining of potassium and nitrogen and is exceptionallt protected to be utilized as a part of place of bug sprays and pesticides. Also, it upgrades trim physiological action, builds the ripeness of soil and enhances the water holding limit of the plants.

Features of Humic Amino Acid Ball

  • Water soluble
  • High performance
  • Enhances the quality of soil
  • Balanced composition
  • Highly effective
  • High quality, easy-to-use
  • Builds a humus-rich soil
  • In essence, it gives plants energy.

Specification of Humic Amino Acid Ball

Classification Organic Fertilizer
Color  black or black brown
Water Soluble 40%-50%
Aminio Acid 10%-12%
Size 2-4mm
Soil Solubility 100%
line shedow

Humic Amino Shiny Ball Manufacturer

Jaivik the trade name and the main manufacturer of Humic Amino Shiny Ball which are utilized for agro purpose in soil application, as a result of which the harvests will be free from creepy crawlies and it can likewise be utilized as a part of place of bug sprays and pesticides. These products are utilized to enhance soil structure and it is extraordinarily made of round granules for soil application. It is blend of Amino Acid, Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid, and Potash and so on. Research and study demonstrates that this item can expand amend yield by 10-20% that can be utilized as part of any harvests. We don't trade off as far as quality thus we utilize high review chemicals and substance mixes sourced from the confided in merchants of the handling of our range. Our group of value analyzers additionally checks our range on various parameters to guarantee their unwavering quality.

Features of Humic Amino Shiny Ball

  • Finely processed
  • Quality tested
  • Reliability
  • Mainly used for soil application
  • Growth promoting
  • Root developing

Specification of Humic Amino Shiny Ball

Recommended Crops Any Field Crops and/or Horticultural Crops Vegetables
Compatibility Mix with all types of Pesticides/Fungicides and PGR product.
Content Amino Humic Shiny Ball.
Specifications Available in 1.800 kg Jar packing size.
Dose 1.800 kg /per acre.
Granules Size  2 mm to 3 mm
Granules Shape Round Shape & Proper Hardness
Granules Moisture 6 to 7%