Agro chemicals manufacturing Profile

Bio Pesticide Exporter

Jaivik Crop Care LLP is a trademark in the agricultural company, who manufactures and market a huge array of crop protection products. We are well-known in the market for manufacturing various pesticide formulations so that it would be possible for them to market through their network. We manufacture the chemicals that helped harvest more affluent rewards for farmers across India.

The company enjoys the lively involvement and carry of extremely knowledgeable scientists and technocrats and essential linkage to scientific community. The company has maintained a unique relationship with other Agro chemicals manufacturing companies, co-manufacturers in India and abroad. These precious relationships have rendered a steady sustain to the company in catering to the markets around the Globe.


We learnt that when a farmer took our instruction, he positioned not only his crop in our hands, but also the future of his family.

Mission And Vision

  • Aiming to become a foremost grassland oriented and knowledge exhaustive Agrochemical company
  • Mounting ahead of just an additional Agro-Chemical company and providing products as well as farm land and farm gate information that would facilitate the growers to exploit their farm produce - qualitatively and quantitatively.
  • We imagine Jaivik Crop Care LLP as a company that pursues its business goals associated to produce and advertising of superlative products with industrial and enterprising activity, but devoid of losing the view of ecological preservation and social responsibility


We are flourished within house facility research and development laboratory that is built-in with technologically advanced testing apparatus and this unit is manned by a team of committed and competent researchers who put in their best attempt in the development of new plant nutrients. Our research and development team is in regular touch with the farmers and cultivators so as to recognize the precise trouble they are facing in the agriculture process and to recommend suitable solution for it. Our researchers carry out diverse experiments to come out with solid conclusions from the experiments.

research development


Jaivik Crop Care LLP provides its grower customers with extremely competent and specialized field crop consultants to observe crops on a regular basis by organizing R & D programs time to time. The aim of our survey examine is to give the farmer the most useful and accurate assessment of insects, disease and fertility status of the crops. Our crop consultants interpret the assessments and recommend pesticide prescriptions when necessary and management practices.



  • Best Manufacturing Practices ensuring employee’s safety and occupational health
  • Good track records on safety and loss prevention / minimization
  • Strict adherence and complying with rules and regulations of The Government, statutory & regulatory authorities on Safety, Health and Environment Protection
  • Personal protective equipments are in place and in use
  • Risk analyses are being carried out periodically
environmental safety